Lotus Biscoff Crepe Cake

Lotus Biscoff Crepe Cake

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The Irresistible Biscoff Bliss - Lotus Biscoff Crepe Cake

Biscoff has the natural power of irresistibility. If you have been to Nana's Creperie and tried our Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake Crepe, you know what I mean 😋

20 layers of Nana's fluffy crepes, stacked high with layers of velvety cream, Biscoff spread and Biscoff cookies for an added crunch and flavour! That is what you call a dessert masterpiece that'll take your taste buds on a sweet escapade 🍰✨. 

Flavours: Caramel / Slight Cinnamon

Occasions: Birthday / Anniversary / Farewell & Welcome / Graduation / Potluck

Sweetness: Sweetness Image
Allergen: Wheat / Dairy / Egg


Lotus Biscoff Crepe Cake does not have gluten-free option.

Order schedule

  • This product must be ordered and paid at least 1 full business day prior to the order pick up date and time.
  • Any orders that are ordered within less than 1 full business day may not be accommodated.
  • If you would like your order to be expedited, please contact us (416-920-5045) before placing your order.


  • For the best taste and consistency, please consume the cake with in 36 hours.
  • Keep refrigerated all time and after cut, store the remainder in an air-tight container.
  • The product is made fresh as per order, without preservatives and additives.


  • Can the order be delivered?
    • Yes, we offer deliver to areas within 20 km from Nana's Creperie for orders $80 or above with a flat rate of $11.50.
    • If your location falls outside of delivery zone but still wish to be delivered, please contact us by text / WhatsApp (416-920-5045) before you place the order. Additional delivery charge may be applied to your order and depends on the distance and date.
    • For more details, please refer to our shipping policy page.
  • How will I be informed when the order is ready for pick up?
    • Once your order is ready, you will receive a notification. Please leave both your email and phone number so you can receive all notifications. Thank you.
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