The story begins here...

When I was a kid, I remember waking up on weekends to the sweet smell of syrup and vanilla, mixed in with the sizzling of batter as it turned to crepes in the pan. I would go to the kitchen and watch as my Nana (grandma) made this sweet and delicious treat for the whole family. This is where Nana's Creperie started, built on a recipe that had love and family as its main ingredients.

How did we start?

Nana’s Creperie was established in 2022 by two grandkids from different cultures and backgrounds who decided to bring their favorite food to Toronto. Combining the authentic recipe with modern and unique flavors, Nana’s Creperie creates the one-of-its-kind crepes and waffles that you have never tried.

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Our Nanas

We are proud to have the BEST Nanas in the world. Proudly tributing our beloved Nanas (The origin of our crepe recipe) on our feature wall at Nana's Creperie.

Here's what other grandkids think about us...