Nana's Dessert Crepes

Nana's Creperie - Your go-to destination for delectable dessert crepes in Toronto. Our authentic grandma recipe brings a nostalgic twist to every bite, a taste of tradition with modern creativity in every crepe.

Delectably designed flavors with our signature Nana's crepes, from classic Nutella Crepe with fresh fruits to our innovations Baklava Crepe & Cheesecake Crepe. Wide range of options for all kinds of sweet cravings.

Savor the goodness of our authentic grandma crepe recipe, as each crepe tells a story of tradition and love. Our creperie in Toronto is more than just a place to satisfy your sweet tooth; it's a journey into the heart of genuine, homemade deliciousness.

Whether you're a local looking for a dessert haven in Toronto or a visitor eager to experience the best crepes the city has to offer, Nana's Creperie is your ultimate destination.