Collection: Nana's Crepe Cakes

There're layers of Joy when there're layers of Crepes! 🎂✨

Cakes aren't just desserts; they're the heartbeat of celebrations—birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, parties, festivals... When we were kids, our Nana would whip up a mountain of her signature fluffy crepes to mark our birthdays. And oh, the magic wasn't just in the crepes, but in the layers of love she'd stack them with—fillings, jam, Nutella, cream… creating my cherished Mille Crepe Cakes.

Today, Nana's Creperie is all about sharing that joy with you. From classic flavours that no one can resist such as Strawberry or Chocolate to exotic flavours such as Lotus Biscoff, Ube, Milk Tea and more that you cannot find elsewhere, we're here to make your celebrations extraordinary, whether it's a graduation, anniversary, or the holiday festivities like Christmas. 🎉🍰

Our crepe cakes not only make your taste buds dance but also bring dashes of homemade freshness to your events. You can even bring the party to your doorstep with our cake delivery service in Toronto! 🚚💨