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How to choose the right crepe cake size for the party?

When we used to visit Nana, the first thing she always asked was," How many of you are coming?" On the day we visit, she will prepare looooots of food on the table and make sure everyone of us are full before we leave. Nana always had the magic power to make the exactly right amount of food for us. But we know it may be tricky to choose the right crepe cake size, that's why we created this guide to help!

Crepe Cakes = Layers of Joy

Nana's Crepe Cakes are constructed with 15-20 layers of crepes and cake filling each, composing a three to four inches tall cake for all sizes, whereas normal chiffon cakes are around half the height (around two inches). Therefore, for the same size, the mille crepe cakes tend to serve slightly bigger party.

20 layers of crepes and red velvet cake filling, constructing a 3.5 inches tall crepe cake

How big is the party?

This is the most essential question that should be considered when picking the right cake size. Not just the number of guests that matters, but also their preference on servings of desserts. 

  • How many guests will be joining? or more importantly, how many guests will be staying for the cake?
  • Do your guests mostly love desserts?
  • Will it be mostly adults or kids?
  • Do any guests have any dietary restrictions that may affect them joining the cake session?

Other than the guest, the content of the party is another significant factor that may impact your decision.

  • Other than the crepe cake, will there be other food or desserts?
  • When will the cake be served in the rundown? As the start of the party, free flow or at the end of the party?
  • Is there any other desserts along with the crepe cake?

Choosing the right size

Here is a generic idea of what kind of party our crepe cakes serve. Servings 

 Size Servings Occasion

Bento size (4")

4" Strawberry Crepe Cake | Nana's Creperie

2 - 6

  • Intimate Gatherings
  • Sharing with the loved one
  • Anniversary

If you're hosting a cozy dinner party or celebrating a special occasion with just a few close friends or family members, opt for the 4-inch crepe cake.

Its smaller size is ideal for intimate gatherings, ensuring everyone gets a taste without excessive leftovers.

Regular (6")

6 inch Chocolate Crepe Cake | Nana's Creperie
4 - 10
  • Birthday
  • Family dinner party
  • Festival celebration
  • Graduation

The 6-inch crepe cake is well-suited for gatherings with a slightly larger guest list. Whether it's a birthday celebration, brunch with friends, or a small dinner party, this size offers enough servings to satisfy everyone without overwhelming portions.

Large (8")


8 - 14
  • Engagement party
  • Wedding
  • Potluck
  • Office party
  • Large family gathering

For bigger events such as weddings, anniversary parties, or holiday gatherings, the 8-inch crepe cake is the perfect choice. With its ample servings, this size ensures there's enough dessert to go around without running short.

Please note that the serving sizes mentioned in this guide are provided for reference purposes only. The number of servings can vary depending on individual appetites, portion preferences, and other factors specific to your event.


Choosing the right crepe cake size for your party is essential. Striking a perfect balance between ensuring everyone getting to enjoy this delectable treat and wastage can be challenging sometimes. By considering factors such as your party size, guest preferences, and occasion rundown, you can confidently select the perfect-sized crepe cake for your next celebration, making it a memorable and sweet experience for all. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a larger event, there's a crepe cake size to suit every occasion.

And don't forget, we are always here to help! If you have any questions about our crepe cakes, please always feel free to contact us.

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