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Tiramisu Crepe Cake

Tiramisu Crepe Cake

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Our crowd-pleaser – the Tiramisu Crepe Cake! 🍰✨ 

Enjoy the nuttiness of coffee and cocoa with the sweetness of the Tiramisu filling. This crepe cake consists of 20 layers of espresso and cocoa-infused crepes with rich filling made using mascarpone cheese and some more espresso! Perfect for all coffee lovers (or coffee addicts if you know any Lorelai Gilmores)!

Ready to treat your taste buds? Order your slice of joy today and experience the Tiramisu magic! 

Flavours: Tiramisu / Coffee / Nutty

Occasions: Birthdays / Anniversary / Celebrations / Reunion

Gluten-free option: Gluten-free option available ✅

Sweetness: Sweetness Image
Allergen: Wheat / Dairy / Cocoa / Egg


Tiramisu Crepe Cake is available in gluten-free.

Order schedule

  • This product must be ordered and paid at least 1 full business day prior to the order pick up date and time.
  • Any orders that are ordered within less than 1 full business day may not be accommodated.
  • If you would like your order to be expedited, please contact us (416-920-5045) before placing your order.


  • For the best taste and consistency, please consume the cake with in 36 hours.
  • Keep refrigerated all time and after cut, store the remainder in an air-tight container.
  • The product is made fresh as per order, without preservatives and additives.


  • Can the order be delivered?
    • Yes, we offer deliver to areas within 20 km from Nana's Creperie for orders $80 or above with a flat rate of $11.50.
    • If your location falls outside of delivery zone but still wish to be delivered, please contact us by text / WhatsApp (416-920-5045) before you place the order. Additional delivery charge may be applied to your order and depends on the distance and date.
    • For more details, please refer to our shipping policy page.
  • How will I be informed when the order is ready for pick up?
    • Once your order is ready, you will receive a notification. Please leave both your email and phone number so you can receive all notifications. Thank you.
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