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Brown Sugar Ginger Tea (Coming soon...)

Brown Sugar Ginger Tea (Coming soon...)

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A traditional warming recipe from our Nana. On the first day of winter every year, Nana stayed in the kitchen for hours, chopping, stirring and preparing this winter staples for the family. Today, Nana's Creperie is sharing with you this home recipe that will instantly warm you up in the cold days, keeping you healthy and loved.

Nana's home-made Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is made by slow cooking ginger and brown sugar together for hours infusing the essence and flavour of ginger. This warming traditional Chinese tea is the perfect winter drink with its rich anti-oxidants and countless other health benefits.

Each tea cube is a burst of flavor waiting to delight your senses. Here's how to enjoy it:

  • Grab a Cube: Keep pack frozen and only take out a cube when ready to use.
  • Melt & Stir: Add hot water over the cube, allow it to sit for a moment. Stir until dissolved.
  • Sip & Savor: Your steaming cup of Nana's Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is ready! Enjoy!

Size: 16 cubes

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